Sovereign, loving God,


We have gathered this morning to worship and to praise you.


We would lift our hearts up and offer them to you as signs of our love and devotion for you.


Bt we cannot lift our hearts when they lie broken and scattered at our feet.


Our hearts have been shattered by cruel words, casually spoken.


By broken trusts and petty betrayals.


By hopes for community dashed.


By promises breached, commitments forgotten.


By friends who turn their backs and by neighbors who fail to see.


By all the myriad ways we find to hurt one another.


Your have called us to community, and we long for that place where all are cared for, all are loved and all are respected. But, we have learned that we will never reach that place on our own.


We need your guidance, we need your power, and we need your grace.


So we plead with you this morning to send your Spirit to move among us.


We have torn each other down; teach us how to build each other up.


Teach us to forgive those who have hurt us.


Teach us compassion to know how we hurt others.


And send us healing for our broken hearts.


So that we may know that you are with us, and so that we may lift up our hearts and give you our thanks and praise.


In the name of your son, our Lord, Jesus Christ,