Where's my Angel? We were reading about the Annunciation the other day and that's what I wanna know: where's my Angel? Where's the person to tell me that I'm favored of God where's the person to tell me that I matter? To call me, "Jennifer Samuels, favored of God." It said in the story that Mary was perplexed. I know I would be if someone came and talked to me like that, but no one ever does and no one ever will.

I just wanna be special to someone or at least have someone tell me that I'm not invisible. I mean, that was the only reason I did it with Mark. So I would be special to him, so I could be more than just the plain girl in the third row. But now he never talks to me anymore, he'll hardly even look at me.

I used to dream so much, "Jennifer Samuels, head cheerleader," or, "Jennifer Samuels, homecoming queen." But now none of that will ever be, I'll just be, " Jennifer Samuels, high school dropout," and, "Jennifer Samuels, teenage mother."

Mary got her Angel, where's mine?